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SuvaitsevaisuuttaEnintään 10% (mitat, painot, paino)


  • Packaging made of polypropylene, PP is considered (PET) plastic safest for our health
  • Take care of your purity, packs of spent product discard in the trash
SuvaitsevaisuuttaEnintään 10% (mitat, painot, paino)

Czy wiesz. że... Papier do pieczenia pomaga usunać plamy z wosku. Wystarczy rozgrzać żelazko i na plamę przyłożyć kartkę. Wosk wniknie w papier, a zabrudzony materiał pozostanie czysty.

Vi-Go radzi! Przykryj papierem wierzch ciasta, aby zapobiec jego przypaleniu lub nadmiernemu zarumienieniu.


  • A new generation of microfibre-made cloth
  • Perfect for cleaning and polishing delicate surfaces
  • Ideal for spectacles, liquid crystal displays, chromed surfaces and mirrors
  • For dry or wet use
  • Allows cleaning without risk of scratting
SuvaitsevaisuuttaEnintään 10% (mitat, painot, paino)


  • The microfiber dust-free cloth is perfect for cleaning smaller glass surfaces like glasses or a car mirror, but you can also wash them with a window. Just stir in the bowl a small amount of lukewarm water and a good cleaning agent and after gently soaking the cloth, you will polish it with a glass until it begins to shine.
  • If you realize that when you wipe the surface, you still have dust on it – only elsewhere: use a dust-free microfiber cloth to wipe the corners in the kitchen cupboard. Then rinse it well or squeeze away from the cleaned piece of furniture.
SuvaitsevaisuuttaEnintään 10% (mitat, painot, paino)


Number of pieces in a carton:50
Number of cartons per pallet layer21
layers per pallet7
number of cartons on a pallet147
number of pieces on the pallet7350
Unit weight0,0175 kg
Master carton weight1,015 kg
Pallet weight (incl. palette)169,205 kg
SuvaitsevaisuuttaEnintään 10% (mitat, painot, paino)

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